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StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX (Socket Licensing)
Socket Based Licensing
Buy virtual licenses for ShadowProtect SPX based on the number of CPU sockets on the host and protect an unlimited number of VMs on your licensed socket.
  StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX (Windows)
StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX (Windows)
Protect and recover virtual and physical Windows servers, desktops, and laptops quickly and reliably with StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® SPX.
  Storagecraft ShadowProtect SPX (Linux)
Storagecraft ShadowProtect SPX

Protect and recover virtual and physical Linux servers quickly and reliably with StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® SPX.

ShadowProtect Backup for Desktop Operating Systems
StorageCraft ShadowProtect: Desktop & Laptops
StorageCraft's ShadowProtect is PC Magazine Editors Choice Award Winner for backup and drive image software.
  ShadowProtect for Small Business
ShadowProtect for Small Business
Protect servers running Windows Server Essentials, Server Foundation, or Small Business Server (SBS), with StorageCraft ShadowProtect for Small Business.
  ShadowProtect Backup for Windows Servers
StorageCraft ShadowProtect: Server Backup (Windows)
StorageCraft's ShadowProtect will quickly and reliably backup Windows Servers including Exchange, MS SQL and SharePoint
ShadowProtect Backup for Windows Virtual Servers and Desktops
StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® Virtual™ Machine backup
Fast backup and DR of VMWare, Hyper-V, XenServer and VirtualBox virtual machines with StorageCraft's ShadowProtect. True business continuity without limits!
  ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange
ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange
Deploy with ShadowProtect backup images to consolidate Exchange servers, complete critical data searches, and recover email messages, mailboxes, and other mailbox items.
  StorageCraft Granular Recovery for Exchange
StorageCraft Granular Recovery for Exchange
Use with any backup product to manage your Exchange data quickly and easily—recover important lost data, consolidate Exchange servers, and complete critical data searches.
StorageCraft ImageManager (Data Replication and Rapid Recovery Tool)
StorageCraft ShadowProtect ImageManager
StorageCraft ImageManager makes it simple and straightforward to rapidly replicate backups to the cloud, pre-stage backups as a virtual machine before disaster strikes or control management of your backup images.
  ShadowProtect IT Edition (Backup Toolkit for IT Administrators)
StorageCraft ShadowProtect IT Edition: Windows backup and migration tool
Take unlimited manual snapshots of Windows machines (Desktops and Servers) without installing any software. Perfect for migrations or to roll-back to prior versions following upgrades or maintenance.
  StorageCraft Cloud Services
StorageCraft Cloud Services
Protect your StorageCraft ShadowProtect and StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX backup images offsite in the secure StorageCraft Cloud.
StorageCraft Support
StorageCraft Premium support
World-class technical support for critical issues that can’t wait for regular business hours. Premium Support and Incident Support options are available.
  StorageCraft Academy
StorageCraft Academy
StorageCraft Academy training ensures you and your staff get the education needed to effectively sell, configure, and manage the complete line of StorageCraft disaster recovery products and services.
  ShadowProtect Media Kits
Media Kits
CD ONLY [NO LICENSE] Includes 30 day trial of software. Full license not included. Licenses for ShadowProtect products must be purchased separately to activate the product.

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StorageCraft ShadowProtect Desktop - Home User Bundle (3 Pack)

StorageCraft ShadowProtect Desktop - Home User Bundle (3 Pack)
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